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A letter to you at 16... and 17 months!

Oh goodness! When I started writing this letter, you were 16 months and a few days- now your 17 months! That in itself sums up what life is like with you – it’s all consuming and leaves very little time to sit down and write about what life with you is like!
Anyway, here it is, I’ve finally done it and this is what its like to be your Mummy right now:
So I guess the biggest developments at the moment are in the communication department. You’re well and truly starting to talk! You say 3 words regularly and clearly- Bye or sometimes even bye bye. This is always accompanied by a wave. You do it to cars driving by a lot, or things you’ve dropped and you even use it as a method to shut people up when you’ve had enough of them. We went to our favourite spot recently to watch the sunset and you said bye bye to the setting sun! You also often use it to say hello. Although in the last few days you’ve actually started saying hi and hello sometimes too. It started off…

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