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A letter to you at 1 year old

So teddy, who are you at 12 months?

I was just lying here thinking how strange it is that I feel I know you so well and yet I’ve never had a conversation with you. Of course I know all your baby but I feel I know you beyond that , That I understand the person you will always be. That’s not to say that there won’t be surprises but I feel I totally get your spirit. That you are already a fully formed  The thing that impresses me the most right now is how quick to recover you are. It’s like you’re so eager to be happy that anything that gets you down, you’re instantly working on brushing it off and getting back to happiness. The health Visitor asked me if you “usually manage to calm yourself after an upset within 30 minutes” and honestly the longest I’ve ever seen you be sad for is about 3! Not that I would ever mind how you express yourself or for how long but I think it bodes well that your default setting seems to be that you can pick yourself up and carry on. Life has already thrown yo…

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